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The Sun Also Rises

By Ernest Hemingway


In The Sun Also Rises, 1926, Hemingway uses sparse but colorful description, skillful character portraits and realistic dialogue to portray life among a group of American expatriates on the Left Bank of Paris in the time following the end of World War.  Action in the novel takes place in Paris and in Pamplona, Spain, during the 1920's.


Main characters include:  Jake Barnes, an American newspaper correspondent.
                                       Lady Brett Ashley, a war widow and one of the "lost generation"
                                       Robert Cohn, a young writer
                                       Michael Campbell (Mike), Brett's fiancÚ
                                       Bill Gorton, Jake's friend
            Pedro Romero, a Spanish bullfighter

Themes include: disillusionmentfriendship and relationships, irony, moral confusion,  and sexual disfunction


Use books about The Sun Also Rises to help choose and develop a topic for your paper and to find critical essays on the novel.  To locate books, use the library catalog.   Enter the title as a Keyword Anywhere or as a Subject search to find books which analyze or offer critical essays.  Use some of the books listed below to begin developing the topic for your paper or to get background material on Hemingway's work.

REF PN56.4.H37 - Characters in 20th Century Literature - Helps to define the characters.

REF PN771.C59 - Contemporary Literary Criticism (CLC) - A multi-volume set containing excerpts from scholarly articles on many literary works.  Information on Hemingway is located in more than one volume, but information on The Sun Also Rises is primarily located in volume 61.

REF PR85.C28 - Cambridge Guide to English Literature - A short article on Hemingway and some of his primary works is on pages 393-395.

REF PS153.M56 I34 - Identities and Issues in Literature - Look in the index to find specific pages within the 3 volumes of the set.  Each article discusses a particular issue or theme running through a novel.

Books on reserve:  These books are located at the Circulation Desk and have been placed there by Dr. Skelton for his classes.  They contain valuable analysis of The Sun Also Rises.

       PS 3325 . E7 Z6193 - Hemingway Repossessed

       PS 3515 .E37 S927 - A Rotten Way to Be Wounded

       PS3515 .E37 Z586954 - Modern Critical Interpretations: Sun Also Rises

       PS3515 .E37 S924 - New Essays on The Sun Also Rises

       PS3515 .E37 S922 - Brett Ashley

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Use databases to find articles from scholarly journals which discuss The Sun Also Rises.  Many of the articles are full text within the database, so you will be able to email them, print them or download them to a disk.  On campus, you can go directly into the databases by choosing a database from the drop down menu located on Kingwood College Library Online.  From home or other off campus computers, use the following links to get to the login page for these databases.  Enter your current library card barcode number to login.

Academic Search Premier - This multi-subject database contains articles from scholarly journals in literature.  On the search page, limit your search to Scholarly articles.  Enter the title and Hemingway to find articles discussing the novel.

Literature Resource Center - This database contains information about literature.  Students can search for biographical information on an author (Author search) or information about the authors works (Title search).  Choose articles which are critical essays.  Those articles will be from scholarly journals.  This database provides a link to the MLA index.  See below.

MLA - Modern Language Associates index to literary journals.  This database provides access to only a few full text articles, but it is the most complete index for literary journals.  Use MLA to locate citations to articles found on microfiche in the library.  The Reference Librarians will be happy to help you with this database.

ProQuest - Another multi-subject database which does contain some full text scholarly literary journals.  On the search page, choose Show articles from peer reviewed publications only to find scholarly articles.  Enter the title and Hemingway to find articles discussing the novel.

NetLibrary - This is a database of full-text books.  You can search the contents of the books electronically to find information about your topic.  NetLibrary does contain information about The Sun Also Rises.  One of the books is Brett Ashley, which is also one of the reserve books in the library.

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The Internet may contain information on Ernest Hemingway and The Sun Also Rises, but students need to be vary careful to evaluate the information for validity, the level of scholarship, the content of the site, and the authority (who created the site).  If you are in doubt about the usefulness of an Internet site, check with your instructor before adding it to your works cited.  The sites below have been reviewed by the librarians.

Ernest Hemingway: a centennial assessment This web site offered by CNN is written by Dr. James Nagel a Distinguished Professor of American Literature at the University of Georgia.

The Ernest Hemingway Society This web page is a collection of information about Hemingway and his work.  The society was founded by in 1965 Mary Hemingway, his widow .

Ernest Hemingway These links are presented by Simon & Schuster, Inc, a publishing company.  The photos are great.

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MLA citation style guide  for your works cited page.  Helpful examples of citations from many types of resources.

The Learning Center , formerly Academic Support Center. Check the hours of the Learning Center for help with your paper or in-house tutoring.  Remember, your instructor is the final authority on the content and form of your paper.

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