Assignment Guide for Essays I and II

Introduction to Philosophy-Susan K. Fox








Essay I:  

Please follow these instructions for the first submission of your essay.  

Characterize one of the six major philosophers in your textbook (Plato, Descartes, Hume, Hegel, Marx or Sartre), then select another philosopher to compare and contrast against your first selection.

In the first section of your paper, explain the philosopher's metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy and logic. You must give each category a subheading.  If the philosopher wrote little about the subheading category, say so.

You will then choose a philosopher from Susan Fox's List of Philosophers.  Read and explore information about both of the philosophers so that you will be able to compare them as follows. 

In the second section of the paper, you will characterize your second philosopher using the same points of comparison.

In the third section of the paper, you will compare the two philosophers.  Discuss philosophical ideas that they have in common.  Do not compare any biographical information. This is not at all a biographical essay.

In the fourth section of the paper, you will contrast the two philosophers.  Show how their philosophical ideas are different, what ideas set them apart from each other, and how their ideas contrast. Do not contrast any biographical information.  Again, this is not at all a biographical essay.

The paper should be 1000-1030 words in length, but not any longer or shorter.


Essay II:  

This essay is a resubmission, correction and expansion of the first essay.  Instructor Fox will provide useful comments to you for the revision.  Try to balance your existing ideas by bringing in extra, but not filler material, into your Essay II.  The paper should be 1500-1530 words in length, but not any longer or shorter.

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Apply online for a library card.   Use your card to place a hold on a book or to access databases from home.

The catalog is online at
Electronic books or eBooks are available at  NetLibrary.
Create an eBook account using your  ID card bar code for login, select the Create an Account link.

Here is a sampling of books available at Kingwood College Library:

       REF B 29 .68 World Philosophy. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Salem Press,1982.  These five volumes contain essay reviews of 225 major works of philosophers from Confucius to Ockham and more.

       REF B41 .E5 The Encyclopedia of Philosophy. New York: Macmillian,1996. Use the index in this multi-volume set to find pages on specific philosophers and their work.

       REF B72 .C59 Fifty Major Philosophers. New York: Routledge,1988  Concisely treats 50 notable philosophers and their major thought and references other philosophers.

       REF BJ63 .E45 Encyclopedia of Ethics. New York: Garland Publishing, Inc.,1992. A 2 volume set on ethics.

       REF CT120 .T45 Thinkers of the Twentieth Century. Chicago: St. James Press,1987. Philosophical information and critical essays.

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         PHILTAR: Philosophy, Theology and Religion Comprehensively provides information and links to material.

         United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Seek out the UNESCO Philosophy page. 

         WWW Virtual Library: Philosophy   Website hosted by the University of Bristol.

         Religion and Philosophy Collection/EBSCO   Philosophy journal articles. Need library card for login. 

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Academic Support Center Check our ASC hours for in-house tutoring.  You can also seek the help of the ASCs assistant dean,  .  Dr. Terry will read through your paper and make brief comments on your paper.  REMEMBER, the expert on this paper is Susan K. Fox. Contact her at .


Talk to a reference librarian during the hours that the library is open on Monday  through Saturday.  If live chat is closed, it will allow you to email, and the librarians will get back to you ASAP.


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