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Assignment Guide: Psychology 2314


The best library assignments are ones that use a variety of resources including books, newspaper and journal articles, and internet sites. We encourage you to use all of these sources for this paper. Books should provide some of the best information for a psychology topic. You may apply for a library card and request materials online. We hope you will take full advantage of the many resources our libraries offer. 

Please contact or write to Dr. Henry using your WebCT email with any questions you may have during your research.







  Librarian talk about Getting Started! 

Ayou begin, narrow your topic to a size that you can manage.  Consider keywords that will help you find the information you need. These can be names of people, events, or broader identifying terms.  Use these keywords for locating information in the library catalog, electronic databases, and on the internet.

Assignment: You may select one of the following topics. Please note that the papers must be at least five pages in length, double spaced with at least five sources of information. Email the paper to Professor Henry by the posted due date. 

If you choose: (Assignment)

Sample Keywords:

Topic 1:Cross-cultural analysis of child abuse.Are some cultures more abusive than others?Why? What are the cultural variations in the modes of discipline?

Sociology - child abuse; parenting; discipline; child rearing; corporal punishment; maltreatment; neglect; child labor practices.

Topic 2:Puberty.What psychological issues accompany puberty in adolescents?Are there sexual or cultural differences in the way puberty is viewed?What are the consequences of earlyor late maturation for the adolescent

Adolescence; biological maturation; psychosocial development; culture bound disorders; emotions; rituals;puberty.

Topic 3:Achievements in later life.Find examples of people who produced great art or literature, or made a scientific discovery, late in life.Characterize their earlier productivity and compare it to thief later works.Is there evidence for a new wisdom orcreativity in later life? 

Creativity; maturation; drives; motivation; aging; happiness; contentment; joy; accomplishments; success; expected outcomes; perceived outcomes; expectations, subjective well being, adaptation.


  Librarian Talk about Books! 

  • Apply online for a library card.   Use your card to 1) Place a Hold on a book  2) Access databases from home. 
  • The catalog is online at
  • Electronic books or eBooks are available at You will need to create an eBook account from a campus computer.
  1. Create an account - At, from a campus computer, select the Create an Account link. Enter your identifying information (user name, password, email address) and select Submit. Then you are ready to search the eBook collection and check out books for 24 hours from any computer outside the library.
  2. If you can't come to the library Call 281-312-1693 and ask the librarian to create an account FOR YOU.

Here is a small sampling of books your library may have. These and many other very good sources of information can be found by searching the library catalog using keywords.

REF BF31. E52 Encyclopedia of Psychology. NY: Oxford University Press, 2000. Multivolume set. Use index in last volume to find all material on your topic.

REF BF531 .E55 Encyclopedia of Human Emotions. NY: Macmillan Reference USA, 1999. Use index to find keywords for topic 3.

REF BF721 .H242 Handbook of Child Psychology. NY: John Wiley & Sons, 1998. Multivolume set. Use index in each volume to find information on topics located in that volume. 

REF GN307 .C68 Countries and Their Cultures. NY: Macmillan Reference USA, 2001. Multivolume set. Use index to find countries and other keywords.

REF HQ1064 .U5 O416 Almanac of Older Americans. Detroit: Gale, 1994. Use index to find profiles of older successful people.


Librarian Talk about Finding Journal and Newspaper Articles Electronic databases are purchased by the libraries for your research use. To find articles in newspapers and journals, letters, reference books, illustrations, photographs and more. Home access to article databases is available with your updated library card barcode. If you need assistance finding an article contact the and they will see that you get the article. They will need full bibliographic information - and your name and address. Send your phone number as well, so they can contact you if they need to.

Use your library card to login to these online journal databases.

There is a certain amount of overlap of articles in the following databases. However, we encourage you to use more than one. All are excellent sources for these topics. 

Health Source: Nursing/Academic | General health database with many full text articles from psychology and sociology journals. Many scholarly.

Biographies Plus | 45,000 biographies of people from antiquity to the present. 

Academic Search Premier | Collection of journal, newspaper, and magazine articles. Many scholarly. 

Proquest | Collection of journal, newspaper, and magazine articles. Many scholarly.


Librarian Talk about the Internet! 

The Internet will be a wonderful source of original documents. Browse the sites we have suggest below. Remember, you do want to find reputable sites. Look at: 


  • Accuracy - The information should be researched and show proof that it has been
  • Source - Look at the domain.  .edu   .gov   .org  .net are valid research sources. 
  • Authority - What are the author's credentials?  (Don't quote from another college freshman's paper.) 
  • Coverage - Does the page have the information you need for your research? 
  • Objectivity - If a work is biased, use it - just make sure your professor knows YOU know. Offer both sides of issues, where applicable. 

UNACCEPTABLE SOURCE SAMPLE - This appears to be part of a book (the subject is not psychology but it is a good example) however there is nothing we can see that tells you title, author, dates, publisher or any of the other needed information. 


UNESCO Thesaurus

United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization Thesaurus of terms to describe child abuse. See Crime: child abuse for terms.

Global Child Health 

Global Child Health News & Review a publication of Global Child Health organization. An excellent source of information for international news on child welfare.

World Health Organization: Child and Adolescent Health and Development

News, health initiatives, preventative programs, child rights, data and statistics on areas of health care worldwide.


European Association for Research on Adolescence. This international organization offers news on research from many European countries.

SUPPORT: Putting it all together

Citing Sources Using the Library APA Style Guide | Kingwood College library guide. Examples of both paper and electronic citations.

Citing Sources Using the Library MLA Style Guide | Kingwood College library guide. Dr. Henry allows either APA or MLA bibliographic

Misuse of Sources | Harvard University's excellent brief essay on how to avoid plagiarism. Excellent list of 'how to' and 'how to avoid'.

Online Tutoring | Kingwood College faculty offer free tutoring via email.  They will email or call with answers to your questions. 

Academic Support Center   |   Check our ASC hours for in-house tutoring or email your report to , Asst. Dean, who will read through your paper and make brief comments on your paper.  REMEMBER, the expert on this paper is Professor Henry. Contact her through your WebCT email.

Talk to a reference librarian during the hours the library is open Monday through Saturday.  If live chat is closed, it will allow you to email and the librarians will get back to you ASAP. 

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