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American Music Decades
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History of the United States
The Lower Manhattan Project in 1890, and Mark Twain on acquisition of Phillipines, and the 20th Century with War Powers Resoolution of 1973, World War II, Victnam War and the Gulf War, African American information, bibliographies, and constitutions. Much more. Mississippi State archives.
Map / blueprint of the U.S. capitol
A map and blueprint of the capitol.
Presidential Sites
Information about the US Presidents, also links to their libraries and home pages.
Selections from The African-American Mosaic
Entries include the beginning of colonization, abolition, migration westward and the WPA. From Library of Congress.
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Major subject directories means collections by other colleges or universities that link the user to original documents or other history links by subject.

The History Net

Don't miss this huge History site. It includes hundreds of articles and images derived from past and current history magazines. Interviews, journals, features, profiles, homes, and much much more. Highly recommended!

Yahoo History Directory
Selected History sites, by subject.
History Buff's Reference Library
Interesting history project - newspaper format.
American Studies Web: Historical and Archival Resources
Huge collection of historical information and archives from Georgetown University.
ZIA History, American History Resources
Index to original sources and links on American History.
USA - Archives
From Mississippi State, original documents on line.
Home Page: American Memory from the Library of Congress
Library of Congress photo and essay archives.
Historical Maps of the United States
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 Historical Documents
A chronology of U.S. document from Pre-Colonial to the present.  Flags included.
American Memory Project
This project by the Library of Congress includes letters, photographs, essays, and more on a variety of American History topics. Recommended!
Declaration of Independence
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History Reviews On-Line
American Historical Review
Yahoo! - Arts:Humanities:History:Journals
Yahoo! - Arts:Humanities:History:U.S. History
American History
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Miscellaneous  Civil War  Reconstruction 
Westward Expansion  Industrical Age  The Twenties 
The Thirties  World War I  The Forties 
World War II  The Fifties  The Korean War 
The Sixties  The Vietnam War  The Seventies 
Space History  The Eighties  The Gulf War 

CIVIL WAR - 1860-1865


Nov 19, 1863. Full text of Gettsyburg Address (Abraham Lincoln).
Letters Home from a Soldier in the U. S. Civil War

Four years of letters from a Northern soldier in the Civil War to his family. Indexed by year, by person. Annotated.
54th. Mass. Volunteer Infantry, Co. I
The 54th Mass African-American Infantry unit. First black trained unit in the Civil War.
Library of Congress Civil War Archives
The Library of Congress has a large collection of photographs as well as Civil War displays.
University of Oklahoma Law Center
This site is one of the most extensive Civil War sites in the country. Pictures, manuscripts, archival materials, and documents are all linked here.
Legality of the 14th Amendment (Congressional Record)
From the Congressional Record - a presentation to congress concerning the 14th Amendment.
Union Postwar Remembrances

Postwar remembrance from Civil War.
Selected Civil War Photographs
Home Page to Civil War Photos.
Civil War Information, Documents, and Archive
American Civil War World Wide Web site. Great location to begin.
United States Civil War Research Center
A large database of Civil War information and sites.

Confederate Pension Index - Texas
This information is from the Texas State Library.  Other states have their info on line, also.


The Reconstruction Period
Good basic information, but who wrote it? A high school student?
From Revolution to Reconstruction and what happened afterwards
Several short entries from this period.
Abraham Lincoln
Miss State Archives, includes papers, speeches, plans for reconstruction.
Abraham Lincoln Online
Interesting page with timeline and other information about Lincoln.
The Virginia Newspaper Project examines the news; covering the sinking of R.M.S. Titanic,

April 14, 1912.
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New Perspectives on THE WEST
PBS Old West - time line, events, people, archives, and links.
 How the West Was Won and Won....
An essay in the High Country News by Jim Woolf.
 Westward Expansion
Links to essays and websites on the topic.
 History of the West
A home-grown page, but interesting and informative.
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Courthouse Square 1880 - City of Brownwood, Texas
Expansion and Reform
Chapter 6 discusses "The Era of Expansion and Reform," Industry, Cities and their Problems, Machines, Populists, Reform, and Roosevelt Saving Resources.
Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935
Includes papers and bibliography.
The Titanic Page
Pictures, stories, newspaper clippings.
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World War I - Trenches on the Web
Great WWI site - timeline, search engine, essays, etc.
World War I

Collection of sites by U Pittsburg student.
The Great War
PBS site - great - essays, interviews, etc.
WWI Chronology
Time line, essays.
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Calvin Coolidge
Picture and documents, 1923.
The Main Causes of the Great Depression
The Price of Civilization: A History of American Taxation
The Great Depression - very good collection of original documents.
African-American Baseline Essay
Essay - The Roaring Twenties.
Renaissance History
The Harlem Renaissance.
ZIA History, American History, 20th Century, 1920s, Jazz Age, Harlem Renaissance Resources
Good information about Harlem Renaissance. Links and original writings. Photos.
ZIA History, American History, 20th Century, 1920s, Jazz Age Resources
The Roaring 20s and the jazz age.
American Prohibition
Links and original pages.
The Harlem Renaissance
A student project.
Swing Dance Styles

Forty-two dance styles from different time periods in history are discussed and dance step directions are given. Swing Dance Styles reviewed are Balboa of World War II, Bop, Hustle, Rock and Roll, Whip, Boogie Woogie, and Jitterbug, etc.
The Progressive Era
Reform - Roosevelt. Links, etc.
Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935
Essay against the acquiring of territories by US.
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Social Security Plan
Includes history through today's reform.
Voices from the Thirties:
Oral histories.
Radio information including Hopalong Cassidy, The Shadow, from 1932, and Sherlock Holmes.
WPA Life Histories--Home Page
From Library of Congress.


The Civilian Conservation Corps
History and today.
Americana: Franklin D. Roosevelt
From Encyclopedia America.
The Forties
War and Peace in the forties - a cultural essay.
Character Above All: Harry S. Truman Essay
Very good. Includes photos.
Marshall Plan
An Essay on the Marshall Plan
Harry S. Truman
The entry on Truman.
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Battle of Bastogne Journal
1944 Journals of 10 days at the Battle of Bastogne by Prof Edward Peniche, Kingwood College.

Material collected by Patch High School in Stuttgart, Germany, on D-Day. Includes World War II, archives sties, famous speeches, maps and battle plans.
Women's Land Army
WWII, photo-essay, etc. Women during WWII.
American Battleship Directory

Includes specific battleships, length, speed, class, armament, etc. Covers March and April, 1943.
Combat Chronology U.S. Army Air Forces

Covers Jan., Feb., Mar., April, and Dec. of 1943.
George Rarey's World War II Air Force Cartoon Journals
Personal journals and drawings of a World War II Air Forceman, killed after D-Day. Placed on the Web by his son.
Women Come to the Front
The story and pictures of 8 women journalists, broadcasters, and photographers during WWII. Exhibit from Library of Congress.
4 Freedoms Speech - Roosevelt<
Speech given by F.D. Roosevelt on the sixth of January in 1941.
Links to biographical information, speeches, and more.
World War II Resources
Links to WWII sites. Archives from Mississippi State U.
World War II Classifieds
Just thought this was interesting. Classifieds for people wanting WWII memorabilia.
Postwar Estrangement
Post WWII, includes a telegram to Truman.
Salzburg 1945 - 1955:
Subtitle: everyday life in occupied Austria.
Japanese Surrender and other Documents
Terms of surrender, offer of surrender, Potsdam Declaration, and Instrument of Surrender
Sunsite's collection of Military WWII documents WWII documents - gopher menu. Download or print.
The Warsaw Uprising
Although still under construction, the Warsaw Uprising (8/1/44-10/2/44) page includes background information before the uprising, the aftermat, and maps & photos.
Pearl Harbor
Memory page. Includes letters, photos, essays, information.
Holocaust Subject Guide
Holocaust Subject Library Guide, Kingwood College.
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Elvis' Record History - The Fifties
Just for fun - Elvis albums.
The Fifties' Thirties
A generational thing.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Eisenhower Center
Includes photos, bio info, links.
A North Korean remembers. With photos.
Korean War (1950-1953)
"The American 1950s"
The #1 page for the 1050's.
Joe McCarthy
A brief excerpt from Richard Rovere's Senator Joe McCarthy
Senator Joseph McCarthy -- A Multimedia Celebration
Includes audio clips.
Rosa Parks or  Award winning Rosa Parks
Essay with small photo.


Korean War Project Home Page
New page dedicated to those who died in the Korean War.
 Korean War MIA/POW
HelpDesk for MIA/POWs of the Korean War.
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Jim Crow Oral History Project
Interviews - memories of segregation.
Flashback: 1955
Flashback to segration on public buses.
Martin Luther King
Includes "I have a dream" speech.
The Malcolm X Interview
1965 Malcolm X was shot. This is an interview with Alex Haley.
Brown v. Board of Education
An interactive experience.  Includes an audio of the U. S. Supreme Court Decision.
List with some good sites. Links to music, art, etc. from the 60s.
Sixties Related Web Sites
Great collection of 60s sites.
John F. Kennedy
Whitehouse = official biography.
John F. Kennedy Library Home Page
The Library - archives.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States
Speeches, literary influences, family, legacy, sound recording, and photos.
Hippies - Haight-Ashbury
Haight-Ashbury in 1967. Text and photographs.
The Sixties Project
Collection of sites.
Bobkirk's Deadhead Family Page
Peace and love - and about being real hippies.
The Digger Archives
The Diggers were a Haight-Ashbury hippie group. Made history during '66-68. Hippie movement.
Best of Kennedy Assasination Web Sites
Links to collected JFK sites.
The Cuban Missile Crisis: The British Response to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Includes an introduction, chapters 1-3, a conclusion, and a select bibliography of sources.
The King Papers Project
Mrs. Coretta Scott King introduces the section by stating that the information has not been published previously. Includes reviews of publications, a list of scholarly articles, and student involvement.
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Hanoi Hannah Text
Text from Hanoi Hannah, radio celebrity, giving mixed messages and misinformation to American soldiers.
Archives including documents MIA/POW papers. - a gopher menu.
A list of United States servicemen who received the nations highest military award during the Vietnam War.
E. Kenneth Hoffman - Vietnam Portfolio
Portfolio of 80 photographs taken in Vietnam (1969-70). Includes captions.
Personal journals of the war.
Vietnam Era Documents
Vietnam War: 1965 - 1975. Senate Select POW-MIA Affairs Report, State Department White Paper on Vietnam, Tonkin Gulf Message and Resolution, Two letters from Ngo Dinn Diem, and Vietnam Fets Against the War Statement.
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Seventies Sites Page
Movies, cars, music, events... mostly photos but worth a look.
The Seventies
Great overview of the decade.
Good site - journal. From Australia.....
Another good collection on Nixon - speeches, etc.
Richard M. Nixon
Official White House biography.
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Apollo II includes the crew, milestones, and the launch.
Historical Archive

Historical Archive - Space History. Includes unmanned missions, unmammed missions, Gemini, Project Apollo, and the Space Shuttle.
Project Skylab

Project Skylab includes goals,station, summary, manned and unmanned missions.
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The 80s Server
The beginning of a multimedia server for the '80s. "...head back to the time when Reagan was King." This search engine only looks for sites that contain information about the 1980s.
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NETSTORM - Appendix

Desert Storm chronology of events.
NETSTORM - Glossary

A glossary of Desert Storm.
NETSTORM - Chapter1

Command Administration.
NETSTORM - Chapter 3

Missile & Rocket Systems Deployed to Southeast Asia Operation Desert Storm Strategy
NETSTORM - Chapter 4

Systems deployed to Southwest Asia..
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