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The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy
1840  - 1928

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First published in weekly installments from Jan. 2 to May 15, 1886  

 wessex.jpg (7710 bytes)Hardy's Wessex/Courtesy Robert Seitz

"The Mayor of Casterbridge features a dominant protagonist, complex human relationships, and an elaborate plot worked out against a background of social and economic changes taking place in the English countryside at  a critical historical juncture...the mid to late nineteenth century, when mechanized agricultural methods were being introduced."

.Source: [REF PN 771.G27] Kepos, Paula and Dennis Poupard, eds.. "Thomas Hardy." Twentieth Century Literary Criticism. Vol. 32. Detroit: Gale, 1989.

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Selected Reference Books

  • British Writers [REFPR85.B688]. A critical look at Hardy's work as a whole. The Mayor of Casterbridge is considered one of the the five greater novels by Hardy. Includes a bibliography for further research.
  • Reference Guide to English Literature* [REFPR106.S7 1991] This critical essay includes an excellent list of critical studies of Hardy's work, a biographical sketch and an in depth treatment of the Mayor of Casterbridge in volume 3.
  • Twentieth Century Literary Criticism* [REFPN771.G27] Volume 32 has the most information on the Mayor of Casterbridge. Exerpts from a large number of critical works. Excellent bibliography at end.
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Themes to consider: Character of Henchard, Role of Economics, Revenge, Tragic Hero, Social Respectability, Wessex.

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hardycottage.jpg (9357 bytes)Hardy Cottage/Courtesy Robert Seitz

"About three miles east of Dorchester, in Dorset, England, there is a hamlet known as Higher Bockhampton. In a thatched roof cottage which still stands at one end of this hamlet, Thomas Hardy was born on June 2, 1840. The place of his birth is important, for it is the center of a region he called 'Wessex' and wrote about in all his books."

Source: Magill, Frank, ed. "Thomas Hardy." Cyclopedia of World Authors.Vol. 2. Englewood Cliffs: Salem P, 1974. 791.

  • Dictionary of Literary Biography* [REF PN41.D5] Details of Hardy's life and how it impacted his literature.
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Victorian England was the most powerful nation on earth. Her territories stretched around the world, and her navy ruled the seas. Raw materials furnished by the colonies fueled the factories of the Industrial Revolution. The thriving economy gave rise to a wealthy middle class that rivaled the old aristocracy in money and power. However, the Industrial Revolution also spawned great poverty, The working conditions in the factories were deplorable. Child labor was rampant. The slums of London bred crime and disease. Only men of property had the vote so the poor were excluded from the political system. Women had few rights and about their only option in life was marriage.
by , Reference Librarian

Other historical sources: dorchester.jpg (6867 bytes)

  • The Atlas of Literature [PN164.A85] A short, pictorial study of Hardy and his fictional Wessex. Dorchester is Casterbridge. Above picture of Dorchester is courtesy of Robert Seitz.

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    http://members.aol.com/thardy1001/ - A photographic tour by Robert Seitz.
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    http://www.andover.edu/english/hardymisc/home.html - Online Hardy magazine and extensive photographic coverage from Phillips Academy, Andover.
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    http://www.gettysburg.edu/academics/english/hardy/- A scholarly web site which grew from various college level seminars.
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