Kingwood College Library
Biology Research Guide

The library contains many resources that will help you with the study of biology.  Some of these will help with an overall understanding of the subject, while others will provide detailed coverage of a current area of scientific study.   Ask a librarian if you have questions on using these resources.

Books  ||  Databases  ||  Internet

Books: Use the online catalog to find books on this subject.  Generally, the Library of Congress classification numbers for biology will begin with the letters QH to QR.  This will include the study of all living organisms.  Some books in which to begin research and define areas of study are listed below.  Browse the shelves near these to find other books on the subject. to top of page

Databases offer researchers current and detailed information from scholarly journals, scientific articles in news sources, and reference material.  Electronic sources offer fast retrieval of more than one article on a research topic.  Choose peer reviewed or scholarly sources where desired. Library card bar code required for login to top of page

The  Internet  can be a great source of information on biology.  As with any scholarly research, the web sites found should be evaluated for accuracy, currency, authority, quality, and scholarly level.  Some good sites for starting your research in various areas of biology are linked here. to top of page

 Try these search engines to find more information on the Internet:

     Let this metasearch engine find sites containing your keywords.  Metasearch searches many search engines and combines them into one results list.
     Biology from the Yahoo Subject Directory. Wind through the subdirectory until you find information you want. This is a good way to find info you might not find through your own limited keywords.
     A search engine with options to use a directory approach as in Yahoo, or search by keyword.  Try the Advanced search page to create a very specific search request.

Created by librarian, . 8/14/2001, updated 8/12/2002.